Electronic Cigarettes

Top 3 Best Electronic Cigarettes For 2019

There are hundreds of unique electronic cigarettes in the market. One of the best there is the SXmini Q model, which has a funny name, by the way. But you should not be fooled because it is a preferred brand by many e-cigs consumers in the industry. One of the significant drawbacks of one of the … Read more

3 green bags

What Are Your Shopping Bag Options

Looking for good shopping bag options or promotional business? Branded shopping bags are your perfect choice, and they are also good for any kind of business. A quality and well-designed shopping bag will go a long way in advertising your business. This article will expose you to options for your shopping bags and why you … Read more


There was something that was missing in my life and that was a golden illuminator for my freshly tanned skin. Now that my skin is darker my existing highlighters just aren’t cutting it. (What a great excuse for new makeup!)Whilst shopping in Westfield last night I decided to pop into KIKO, the Italian brand of makeup that … Read more

Mermaid Hair!

I dyed my hair last night thinking I wanted a change, and a change it is. I now have deep red hair and am officially a redhead. Red has always been a colour I have steered away from and generally disliked, but all of a sudden I love and and feel like it’s my colour. … Read more

‘Winterberry’ by Aveda

I am indeed loving the bolder lipsticks this season and this new addition from Aveda has got me quite excited. Aveda has always been known for its hair but apparently they are quite good at make up too. Well, this limited edition ‘Heart Land’ collection anyway.  The lip product in question is ‘Winterberry’ which is actually a lip glaze with doe foot … Read more

FOTD & Hair update…

I dyed the roots of my hair again yesterday and my hair feels so fresh, it probably also has to do with the fact that I got a haircut too at the actual hairdressers and didn’t trim it myself! 🙂I used Boots ‘Botanicals’ bitter chocolate brown and I really like that it’s a cool shade … Read more

Time to get yummy…

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the term ‘yummy mummy’ as I’m not edible and probably not that yummy. But, if you call a mum who takes care of herself ‘yummy’ then I am indeed perhaps a ‘yummy mummy’ as I’m quite concerned about the way I look as you might of guessed due to … Read more