Why velvet lipstick is a better choice

According to many reputable makeup artists, Velvet lipstick has become one of the indispensable items in a makeup routine. It has become so popular that it is almost impossible to see a makeup kit without a Velvet lipstick. Why Velvet lipstick is considered fashionable 1- It is classy and natural Even the fashion industry has … Read more

Top Types of Fanny Packs on the Market

Fanny packs have been widely used for several years now. In fact, they have been a trend and common with fashionable girls you meet in the street. In the recent past, they have lost their popularity, and they are rare to find. You may have also seen them worn by athletes. Now, they are making … Read more

Show your style with this amazing photo locket necklace

Locket necklaces have been a famous fashion accessory of men and women for generations. They have an extra ordinary appeal and charm that has given this piece of jewelry a staying power that not many trends have enjoyed in the past. Perhaps it is the human’s capability to keep his some of the most cherished … Read more

How to Describe the Perfect Waterproof Fanny Pack

The thing about fanny packs is that they are used in several situations. From going to the beach to rocking an outfit, you have a lot to consider when buying a fanny pack. The same is true when you have to get a waterproof fanny pack. Because of the various things a fanny pack can … Read more

Transparent handbags for work: For a stylish look

Are you a working woman looking for bags that are easy to handle, provide enough space, also look excellent and professional? Obangbag transparent handbags for work has got the best designs for this purpose. The company has come up with a great range of bags that are perfect for professionals. Obangbag Bags: transparent handbags for work … Read more

6 Things You Should Not Do When Wearing a Wig

Human hair wigs used to be accessories reserved for movie stars and celebrities in the past. Some brands targeted the elderly only. In the current era, wigs are a huge fashion statement and trend to follow. Teenagers and celebrities are indulging in this fashion movement. Besides, there is a need to experiment with the variety of … Read more


Popular chains for personalised necklaces

Personalised necklaces are trendy types of jewelry. People prefer this type over regular ones because they are more personal hence the perfect kind of gift. They are easy to acquire from jewelry stores like Ineffabless. When choosing the best-personalised necklace, you may also need to select the best type of chain. In this write-up, we discuss … Read more

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X things you should know about a locket necklace

For many years, locket necklaces have been worn in many forms mostly as sentimental pieces of jewelry. They fell out of the scene and were replaced by light decadent necklaces but are now back with a bang. They are more personalized jewelry that can be customized to fit your preferable design. Due to that, they … Read more


There was something that was missing in my life and that was a golden illuminator for my freshly tanned skin. Now that my skin is darker my existing highlighters just aren’t cutting it. (What a great excuse for new makeup!)Whilst shopping in Westfield last night I decided to pop into KIKO, the Italian brand of makeup that … Read more

Mermaid Hair!

I dyed my hair last night thinking I wanted a change, and a change it is. I now have deep red hair and am officially a redhead. Red has always been a colour I have steered away from and generally disliked, but all of a sudden I love and and feel like it’s my colour. … Read more