What type of Garden Hose Reel should you buy?

by Courtney

Nothing gives a gardener or farmer greater joy than watering plants and seeing them bear fruit. Using a hose to water your plants makes the job easier and more convenient. However, it’s not enough to buy a hose, you need quality garden hose reels at your disposal.

For those who don’t know what garden hose reels are, it’s simple. They are used to store and protect hoses. They are circular-shaped to accommodate the curviness of the hose. They are often made of plastic or metal. You should get a hose reel that comes with a 18 swivel bracket, so that full coverage is guaranteed.

Garden hose reels are very important. They prevent your hose from causing harm and protect it from damaging external factors like sunlight.

Now, different types of garden hose reels exist. As a newbie, you may be confused as to which you should get.

But not to worry! This article has got you covered. Here are different types of garden hose reels.

Types of garden hose reels

Various types of garden hose reels exist, depending on their design

1. Wall-mounted garden hose reel

Small-scale gardeners normally use this.

If you have a small space or yard, you should use a wall-mounted hose because it saves valuable space. It can be mounted close to a faucet to make things easy for you.

Furthermore, most wall-mounted garden hose reels are super easy to install and maneuver, so you won’t have to bother about learning technical terms

2. Free-standing hose reels

Large-scale commercial gardeners often use this. The beautiful thing about this type of garden hose reel is that it can be used for multiple purposes, like washing your vehicle.

In this type, the hose reel is given wheels and allowed to move over a space freely. This is why it works well in large spaces. It prevents the garden hose from getting tangled or curled during use.

You can easily store the hose reel in the utility shed. However, you have to be careful with this, especially if you have toddlers or little children around.

3. Manual hand crank

If your hose is small and tends to tiny garden spaces, you should use a manual hand crank. You can use it to roll the garden hose and place it in a storage box.

Hand cranks can be used for different hoses, from garden hoses, pressure washer hoses, air hoses, etc. They are very portable, compact, and lightweight.

4. Piston-driven hose reels

If you have a very long hose with a small outdoor space, then you should consider piston-driven hose reels. They come with a spring load system that automatically pulls in the hose via continuous circular motions.

This will come as a relief to a lot of people, as it can be quite hard to detangle and de-curl long hoses in a small space. You won’t have to do a thing.

5. Aesthetic hose reels

If you’re overly concerned about the aesthetics of your yard, consider getting a fancy hose reel. It might be worth it in the end.

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