Enjoy A Customized Ride With Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard

by Courtney

The customised ride refers to a ride that aligns with your requirements and desires. Regarding skateboarding, a custom ride means you can control the acceleration and speed. If you are climbing a hill, then you can increase the speed. On the other hand, if you are moving on a flat surface, you can decrease the speed. An option exists to control the speed depending on the terrain you are moving.

Such a level of custom ride can only an electric skateboard fulfil. Therefore, this article will introduce the wowgoboard.com electric skateboard and key aspects that result in customised rides. Keep reading to uncover the details!

What do you mean by Wowgoboard Electric Skateboard?

The wowgoboard electric skateboard refers to a board that works on electrical charge. The three components play a principal role in this regard. These parts include a battery, shaft motor, and digital remote. You can charge this electric skateboard with the help of the charger that comes along.

The charger stores the electric charge into the battery. Later, the battery transfers this charge to the motors to convert it into mechanical power. This mechanical power can then be used to drive the skateboard’s wheels.

What Makes Electric Skateboard Offers Customized Ride Experience?

In constituting the customised ride, multiple features play a key role. Some of the key features are:

Strong Grip

There are multiple components which play a crucial role when it comes to the grip of this board. Firstly, the wheel design contributes to the higher grip on any terrain you are riding. Secondly, the foam grip tape on the deck contributes to the non-slip grip. This way, you can maintain optimum balance and stability while riding. You can ride at higher and lower speeds depending on your requirements.

High Riding Speed

You can harness the high riding speed of the electric skateboard. It offers you with a speed of up to 45 kilometres per hour. This will help make a faster commute and assist in reaching the desired destinations a lot faster. The speed it offers is far better than the speed you get from conventional electric skateboards.

Sturdy and Strong

The electric skateboard offers higher sturdiness and strength to its users. This is because of the durable and strong materials. The design of the board also plays a great role in this regard. 8-ply deck, bushings, clippers, and durable wheels help you get the most out of your electric skateboard. The electric skateboard remains closer to the ground surface throughout its usage. It comes in contact with multiple things and objects. So you don’t need to worry about the pointed objects, stones, strong impacts or shocks that come its way. This electric skateboard offers unmatchable performance.

Lower Weight

The weight of the electric skateboard is around 7.5 kg. Anyone can easily lift and move this electric skateboard anywhere they want. This adds up to the convenient handling. If you are going on trips, you can also pack it in a bag or place it inside the car trunk to get the most out of your trips.

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