Choosing the Right Pool Cues for Beginners

by Courtney

If you plan to take your pool game to another level, then you should get the best pool cues. When you purchase the right one, you have to consider several things. If you are a beginner, you may find the task quite challenging. Nevertheless, when you are a newbie, you need the best pool cues brands in snooi to improve your game. Remember that a pool cue has different parts made of different materials, and have an impact on how you play. These are some of the things to consider.

Butt Diameter

This is another critical aspect to consider when choosing a pool cue. That is because it has an impact on how it feels in your hands when playing. Therefore, you ought to consider the size of your hand. A larger diameter butt is ideal when you have large hands. On the other hand, a smaller diameter grip is ideal for a person with small hands.


The wrap is meant to offer you a place to hold the cue when playing. Make sure you choose a grip that makes you feel comfortable and has a texture that is quite pleasing. Some models have a leather wrap that is ideal if you like a smooth surface. However, if your hands sweat easily when playing, then you should choose a cue that is wrapped with a cloth material. Some of the common wrap materials include suede, nylon, vertex, and rubber.


Most shafts in the market are made of maple. Most pool cues have a shaft diameter that ranges from 12 to 15 mm. You should note that shafts with smaller diameter are easier to play with, but can cause excessive spinning on the ball and even make it challenging to control. It is advisable to try different shaft diameters to ensure your hands remain comfortable.

Joints and Pins

The pool cue has a joining pin that is located in the middle and connects the butt and shaft. You can find different pins used to thread various types of pieces. It is advisable to consider getting a cue with a wood joint as it feels softer and natural feel. Moreover, there are various styles of collar and pins combinations. Some are quite durable and have different characteristics.


The truth is that a well-shaped tip is critical to your success. That is because it provides adequate ball control and consistency. Most pool cue tips vary in composition depending on how hard and soft they are. When choosing the tip, make sure you know how long it can last and how it can feel on your hand when playing. Tips are usually made of leather, but there are a few exceptions made from phenolic resins.

Type of Pool Cues

The main types of pool cues are two-piece and one-piece. Each type has an impact on your playability and how it feels on the hands. If you like moving with your pool cues, you should consider getting the two-piece cue as it is easier to transport than the one-piece. Other than these two, there are also jump cues and break cues that are designed to improve ball control and extend the lifespan of the cues.

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