Definitive Guide to Buying Bluetooth Sunglasses

by Courtney

The bluetooth sunglasses are glasses that have speakers, microphones, and all Bluetooth features. These sunglasses have tiny speakers that emit audio directly into the ears. They provide the most convenient way to listen to music or podcasts as you travel. Bluetooth sunglasses can pair with any smartphone over its wireless Bluetooth connection.

How do Bluetooth Sunglasses Work?

Before trying to understand how audio glasses work, we first need to understand how the ear works. Airwaves from the surroundings will enter the ear and they will vibrate the eardrum. These vibrations will then be converted into electrical signals which the brain will decode into sound.

Bluetooth sunglasses have microphones and speakers embedded into their frames. The speakers will emit sound waves into the ear while the microphone will pick up on any sound in the environment. You will be able to enjoy your favorite podcast or audiobook and even make calls using these audio glasses.

Bluetooth sunglasses can be classified into two types based on sound transmission technology.

  1. Non-bone conduction Bluetooth sunglasses: They are also known as air conduction Bluetooth sunglasses. The transmission of sound waves from the speakers to the ear is simply through the air. These sunglasses have superior sound quality.
  2. Bone conduction Bluetooth sunglasses: These glasses transmit sound through the cheekbones into the inner ear. Though the sound quality in these glasses is not high, there is less sound leakage. This is especially useful if you are concerned about privacy. Some of the people who can benefit from these glasses include cyclists who need to hear all the other traffic around them or even stay-at-home moms who need to hear their children as they’re working.

Benefits of Bluetooth Sunglasses

1. They are discreet

Bluetooth shades will make it feel like you’ve gone undercover. You can listen to music on YouTube or a podcast on Spotify while you’re on the go without anybody realizing it. The speakers are usually angled in such a way that you will hear lifelike sounds. Bluetooth sunglasses are light and comfortable so you can wear them for longer periods of time.

2. Offer UV protection

The main function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes against harmful UV rays. Different brands of Bluetooth sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. What could be better than listening to music as you hike with the knowledge that your eyes are 100% protected from UV rays?

3. Maximum comfort

Conventional earbuds can be uncomfortable when used for long. With Bluetooth sunglasses, you don’t have to stuff earbuds into your ears anymore. Bluetooth sunglasses are awesome for environments where you want to stay alert and aware while still listening to some audiobook, music, or podcast. When wearing Bluetooth shades, you can easily interact with anyone you may meet on the road because you won’t need to unplug.

The future of audio glasses is bright with further developments in bone-conduction technology and beam-forming microphones. Audio quality is the most important factor to consider when buying Bluetooth sunglasses. Non-bone conduction Bluetooth sunglasses produce better sound quality. Some other benefits you can get from audio glasses are low sound leakage, UV protection, and comfort during use.

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