Stylish Guide For A Long Console Table

by Courtney

Console tables are a primary feature in most home interior décor designs. While they seem like a simple design, they are one of the most versatile and dynamic tables in the home. Console tables are different from coffee tables in height, as most are about 30-33 inches. Although taller than a coffee table, the long console table is shorter than counters. With their height, the top of these console tables is easily accessible by almost anyone.

Where to place a long console table

There are several décor ideas on how to place a console table around the house. Here are some décor ideas.


One of the favorite places to place a console table is in the entryway. Most people turn the table to a catch-all shelf for dropping off things. Important items are placed on it for easy reminders before stepping out of the house. Console tables can also be used to make small entryways appear larger by placing decorative objects on them. This takes away the focus from the small space to the beautiful console table decorations.


Larger spaces like a hallway can look empty without furniture items like a console table. A good design idea is to place two identical table lamps on the long console table and a flower stand in-between. A wall mirror can also help capture the beauty of the table. All of a sudden, a once large and boring hallway feels modern and elegant.

Behind the sofa

Rather than leave the space behind the sofa empty and boring, a long console table can help lighten the space. It can add as a unique, additional storage place for placing and displaying family photos, decorative books, light stands, etc.

Dining room

If you have a large dining area, you can easily play around with console table design ideas. You can place the console table against one of the walls and add decorative items. Longer console tables can take on more items, so feel free to stretch your imaginations. As an idea boost, throw in a contemporary wall mirror and some table lamps. Have an average-sized family portrait? It’s ok to place it between the lamps.


Who says console tables can’t make their way into the bedroom? Again, it’s all a matter of available space. The long console table can be used as a good substitute for a dressing table. Place the table close to any available wall and hang a mirror close to it. Use the top surface of the table to hold your cosmetics. Although it can be used as a desk, it’s important to remember that it is higher than a regular desk. Accompanying chair should either be higher or it won’t be comfortable enough to use as a desk.


Long console tables have become a popular feature in home interior designs. They are versatile and can be styled in different ways. They can be used in different parts of the house to accentuate the interior design. The article discusses the best areas of a house where they can be used and how best to can be styled.

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