Features That Every Pressure Washer Hose Reel Possess

by Courtney

The Giraffe pressure washer hose reel is one of the best hose reels on the market. It features a wall-mounted design that makes it easy to install and apply. This feature also saves you time because you do not need to assemble it each time you want to use the pressure washer hose. You also do not have to worry about the storage of the reel when it is not in use. The same cannot be said about conventional portable hose reels. It also features the automatic retractable technology that allows you to use your pressure washer hose without worrying about rewinding it onto the reel after application. This technology also helps reduce friction and ensures tidiness of the hose when it is stored. By doing so, it helps enhance the service life of the product. This product is specifically designed for pressure washers. For this reason, in this post, we discuss the pressure washer hose reel features.

Features of pressure washer hose reels

Below are some features that every pressure washer hose reel must possess;

1. Electricity

Most pressure washer hose reels are usually powered by electricity. The quantity of electricity required to power these products range between 12 and 115 volts. The voltage usually depends on the type and brand of the hose reel. It also depends on the applications. Regardless, they do not use a lot of electricity to operate. For this reason, you do not have to worry about the cost of running the product.

It is also worth mentioning that pressure washer hoses can also be manual. Manual versions are usually less costly to acquire. However, they require more effort to operate. For this reason, the most popular types of pressure washer hose reel are electric. Additionally, very few brands manufacture manual hose reels for pressure washer applications.

2. Capacity

The capacity of the pressure washer hose usually differs from one brand and design to the next. The capacity refers to the length and width of the hose that will be stored in the reel. The best products usually feature a high capacity. These options are ideal for industrial applications and other uses where the hose needs to be long and wide. The typical capacity for pressure washer hoses ranges between 50-500 feet. Note that hose reels that can accommodate 500 feet worth of hose are usually more costly and rare.

3. Pressure

Additionally, a pressure washer hose reel should be able to handle the pressure within the hose. Note that pressure washers usually apply a lot of pressure to the water running through the hose. The pressure can translate into the increased weight of the hose. For this reason, a hose reel that cannot withstand the pressure inside the hose would break down. This would mean that you have to spend more money on repairs or to get a replacement for the hose reel.

Final word

It is worth mentioning that most pressure washer hose reels are similar to garden hose reels. For this reason, their features are also quite similar. Regardless, a few features like the pressure handling capabilities set these devices apart from their counterparts.

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