Four Different Forms of Picture Necklaces

by Courtney

Picture necklaces, also known as photo necklaces, are unique pieces of jewelry that hold pictures of you or your loved ones. The picture is usually engraved like on a dog tag or inserted in a pendant in the case of a locket. The picture necklace is not only stylish and trendy; it’s a gem that holds memories to hold on to for years to come. Most are available in gold or silver, but the colored type is also available. Check out Personalisierte halskette for the best picture necklaces. In this write-up, we look at types of picture necklaces.

Types of Picture Necklaces

The necklaces come in different forms, providing multiple options for you to choose from. They are;

1. Photo Lockets

Lockets come in different shapes like hearts, ovals, squares, circles, and boxes. They are designed to open, allowing you to place an item inside. The photo locket on picture necklaces has one or more inserts where you put the picture. If the photo is of good quality, it can always be resized to fit in the locket. Some have clear fronts that allow you to see the photo from the outside.

2. Dog Tag Picture Necklaces

A dog tag is a type of pendant usually squares in shape with rounded corners. Its use as a photo locket began recently. It was previously used in the military to celebrate and honor the personnel. It was also a tag to identify each person but has been turned into a beautiful and stylish way to store photos. Its frame and size accommodate more photos or slightly bigger pictures. The pictures can be etched as well as messages and names of important persons.

3. Line Drawing Photo Necklace

Many people don’t know the line drawing style, but it’s slowly gaining popularity in the market. It originates from drawings and pictures put together to form an image. You select a picture that you like, and the jewel artist creates a drawing from it and finally engraves the photo to the necklace. It’s a representation of the actual print, only that it’s toned down and perfect for a laid-back person. Kids are fascinated by drawing and different cartoon-themed characters, so line drawing style necklaces are an ideal choice.

4. Custom Shaped Pendant Necklaces

These are necklaces with personalized pendants depending on what the client wants. It can take the shape of your favorite doll, pet, monuments, or landmarks. Back in the days, pendants were only available in two primary forms, i.e., heart and oval but new shapes and styles are out now. Apart from the shape, you can have particular messages or names engraved. If you are a lover of gemstones, be sure to ask the store dealers if they provide the option of having them etched on your necklace.

Bottom Line

Like all other personalized necklaces, picture necklaces hold sentimental value and are perfect accessories to offer as gifts. Choose the type that suits you best and have it customized to your liking. Look for dealers that offer additional customization options for the best-looking jewellery.

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