Four Reasons Why You Need Dog Training Collars

by Courtney

Are you looking for devices for dog training? If yes, it’s not a bad idea. However, before you move forward with your quest, do you know what an e-Collar does?

There are indeed several devices on dog training in the market that are very effective, but it will do you a lot of good to know the benefits of e-Collar before you decide if your dog requires one.

When it comes to dog training, it’s not one cap that fits all. As dogs differ, so do their level of behavior and aggression. An e-Collar may seem harsh to some people, but if used correctly, it can produce excellent results, as many aggressive dog owners have testified.

Before we go into the benefits of e-Collar, let’s learn about the dog training collar.

What is a dog training collar?

Dog training collars, which are also referred to as electronic collars, e-Collars, or if you like, shock collars, are used to regulate the aggressive behavior of dogs.

The e-collar has no electric current flowing through it. Just in case you were wondering if the dog will be electrocuted knowingly or unknowingly. The shock is very little and can’t harm the dog; he will only feel a little discomfort.

E-Collars are used as a means of communication between dog owners/handlers and dogs.

In some cases, the collars are programmed to beep or vibrate as a warning sign before the little shock comes. Once your dog associates the beep and vibration as warning signs, the shock feature may no longer be needed.

The benefits of devices on dog training

Keeps Your Dog in Check

If you are not around to give your dog commands, a shock collar will always come to your rescue. It is so crucial for your dog’s safety, especially if you have a dog that likes to sneak out into major roads.

The e-Collar can deliver a remote shock to a dog to discourage bad manners. It can also work alongside wireless fences to create a perimeter to stop your dog from wandering off your property.

Reduces Aggression

An aggressive dog is always a danger to those around him, which is why you need a couple of devices on dog training to reduce the aggression.

For most dogs with aggressive behaviors, it comes with the genes. For others like rescue dogs, they may have been abused, which is why we can’t completely blame aggressive dogs for their plight.

We have to help them and make sure they are not a danger to others.

Negative Bonding

Once your dog makes a mistake like injuring someone or making a mess of your house and you punish him, he may begin to resent you, which might affect your bonding process.

However, if the punishment comes from the collar and not you, he won’t have any reason to be scared of you or resent you.

Good for Dogs That Don’t Listen To Voice Commands

Some dogs are so stubborn that they don’t respond to verbal commands. In cases like this, the e-Collar will help to correct the dog when he goes astray.

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