In a Ninja Vs Samurai Battle who Would Win?

by Courtney

In a brutal showdown between a ninja and a samurai who would come out as the ultimate champion? This is a question you must have considered at one point or the other considering that they are both handmade sword experts. Ninja Vs Samurai, who are you rooting for? The ninjas, known for their cunning and their ability to thread the night are deadly and most feared foes. On the other hand, the samurai soldiers known for their loyalty and unwavering strength would be formidable foes to any adversary.

Of the two opponents, one is viewed as the epitome of everything good and upright, the samurai. While the ninjas are seen as being more open to other hidden vices as long as victory is assured. Before we go on to tell you who would be the surprising winner of this showdown, how about a little background check. This way we have all the details needed to properly evaluate our fighters.

Ninja Vs Samurai- Samurai Stats

The samurai warriors are known to embody the very best virtues in humans. Loyalty till death, obedience, dedication, honesty, self-discipline, and other ethical behaviors. The earlier samurai warriors reigned under the guidance of the various landholders. Knows at the time as the daimyos. The samurai warriors were all trained and brought up in the ways of bushido. Yes, it is as serious as it sounds.

Bushido translates quite literally to the way of warriors. Some view it as an aspect of Confucianism. It preaches of the dao  also known as the way. It did not refer to a literal path or set of rules. Instead, it could be referred to as guidelines. These guidelines served to encourage the samurai to walk an honorable path. So the samurai believed in fighting honorably, fiercely, and when necessary. A typical samurai fought with swords. A long sword or/and a short sword.

Ninja Vs Samurai- Ninja Stats

Ninjas, also known as shinobi  are some of the most feared adversaries ever.  This is because unlike the samurai they did not hold on to humanitarian scruples such as principles. So the moral codes of the ninjas were much more flexible than those of the samurai.

This less or limited regard for principles was probably the motivation for the ninjas` choice of weapons. They made use of all sorts of swords expertly. This is to say that the ninjas were equally expert swordsmen. but they also depended quite heavily on concealed weapons. Their options ranged widely from darts to poisons.

Ninja Vs Samurai- Who Wins?

Well, it is a pretty simple answer and you didn`t see it coming. If there was a ninja Vs samurai showdown, the samurai would win. If you guessed this did you also guess the reason? it is not because the samurai is better. It is simply because the samurais and the ninjas are the same. Same profession just different branches. One more covert than the other. So it would be similar to asking who would win in a fight between two guys. A guy.


So with this, you are as correct as were at the beginning of the article. No one could be said to be the loser. So congrats, in a ninja Vs samurai showdown, your preferred warrior wins.

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