How To Make The Most Out Of Runescape Gold?

by Courtney
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Runescape is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that has grown to become an ecosystem, with its currency called Runescape Gold. As you can acquire things in real life with physical currency, you can do some things with Runescape Gold.

If you’ve acquired a substantial amount of the gold (both Osrs gold and rs3 gold), then how you’ll get the most value from it matters the most. There are some ways you can do that. We will be highlighting points on how to make the most out of Runescape Gold in this post.

You can sell your Runescape Gold

You can earn physical money by simply selling your collection of Runescape Gold. Generally, most Runescape gamers consider this a way to make the absolute most of the gold.

This is the best way you can make the most out of Runescape Gold. Apart from that, some vendors buy it for actual cash so that they can resell.

You can share your Runescape Gold

Are you the more liberal and generous Runescape gamer? You can satisfy your inner philanthropist by giving it out to other gamers who might not have as much as you do.

While the other gamers can also buy exalted orb, they’ll appreciate it quite a lot if they get them for free.

This is also suitable for those who have accomplished so much in the game and just want to have fun sharing that wealth of Runescape Gold and experience with other (mostly upcoming) gamers.

There are some ways to allow other gamers to share in your stash: you can set up drop parties for the new players, or give tasks which will be rewarded with gold, or just give gold for things like a dance.

This might not seem productive in practice for those who share the gold out. However, the original goal is to have fun by just sharing and not bother about receiving anything in return. You are also saving people from buying exalted orb, which is something that new players will not do.

However, it’s not all pointless as you get to garner views from people when you organize frequent drop parties.

You can buy bonds with your Runescape Gold

Runescape also allows you to buy bonds with your accumulated Runescape Gold. Bonds give you membership feature access and some other fun in-game stuff for a limited time. Bonds are a little expensive, but an excellent way to spend your acquired gold on becoming a member of the game.


The best way to make the most out of the Runescape Gold acquired is to try to have fun with it before anything else. This makes it easier to derive more satisfaction from the game itself.

You can choose to sell it, exchange it, or give it away, all of which are better than just keeping it for nothing.

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