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by Courtney

One of the most important parts of a wedding is definitely the exchange of wedding rings. For almost everyone, this exchange of rings is regarded as the beginning of a new chapter. Evolving through the history, they are still infused with tradition even though they have a modern appearance. Wedding Rings for men and women have a difference when it comes to their appearance and weight, but both already from precious metals, and may or may not be simple in design. The given article highlights some of the womens and mens wedding rings collection – eamti jewelry.

Collections You Can’t Ignore

Some of the best rings offered by Eamti, high in quality but with a competitive price in a nutshell.

Opal Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Ring

This Ring is a perfect gift for anyone and for any occasion. Made with 925 Sterling Silver with a plating of Gold over it, the Ring achieves perfection with the help of a created opal.

Vintage Opal Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ring

This Ring might be your perfect companion for all the occasions. Made using 925 Sterling Silver and with a gold plating, it sparkles with perfection with the help of a crafted opal on top of it.

Sea Blue 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Ring

One of the best available out there, this Ring possesses a sea blue opal with a band that is crafted with 925 Sterling Silver and with a gold plating over it.

Vintage Cutout Opal Ring

As the name suggests, the silver Ring with gold plating, mentioned above gives out a vintage look. With adjustable opening, the customers wouldn’t have to worry about the size anymore.

Gems Stackable Eternity Ring in Sterling Silver

Being a premium fashion Ring made with standard Sterling Silver, the given product is something unique and genuine, which is beautifully packed and is ready to be shipped to your loved ones.

Pink Baguette Sterling Silver Ring

It is a known fact that elegant and classic designs are something that never go out of style. The occasion can be anything, a wedding, engagement, a party or of the same kind, you can rest assured that this Ring will give you a great look.

Ruby Sterling Silver Ring

Elegant styles and classics are here to stay. No matter what happens, they will be here for s long time. Same with the case of this Ring which is a classic. Sterling Silver and a Ruby to top it off, this is the perfect Ring for any occasion.

Vintage Lace Opal Open Ring

A perfect gift for any occasion, this Ring comes with a perfectly oval shaped opal in the centre, surrounded by gems. Made using Sterling Silver and topping it off with a gold plating, it is the perfect gift for yo near and dear ones.

New Droplet Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver

A magnificent Ring at first sight itself, this one has a shining pavé gem that forms a band above the gemstone on the center. Providing support beneath are claw prongs, which creates an artistic look on its own.

Sun Ring S925 Silver Opal Ring adjustable opening

Resembling a sun in all its glory, this Ring comes in with an opal surrounded by the rays of the sun. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, it achieves its perfection with a gold plating.

Sunflower Opal Open Ring

With an opal in the centre and surrounded by gems that resemble a Sunflower on the whole, this Ring is crafted in Sterling Silver and finished off with a gold plating.


Eamti works with its customers as its backbone which makes the satisfaction of the customers their ultimate goal. Established in the year of 2020, the jewellery made by the company brings love to its customers. The company brings in a hope, a hope for love, which makes sure that every piece of jewellery they make, lights up the customer’s lives.

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