Tips for Buying a Microblading Tattoo Pen

by Courtney

Over the years, experts have discovered that almost all body parts can be enhanced and modified using beauty procedures, and the brows are not left out in this revolution. Now, people with thin eyebrows who desire a more voluminous appearance can opt for microblading to give a semi-permanent result of fuller brows.

Keep reading to discover everything you should know about this new technology, and tips on purchasing a microblading eyebrow pen especially online.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading has become popular over the past few years, and celebrities across the globe have delved fully into the procedure for quite some time now.

Microblading is a procedure that uses tattoo techniques to fill areas of sparse hair on the brows to make them appear fuller. Though many people mistake the procedure for a regular tattoo procedure, they are different. While a tattoo offers permanent results, microblading colors may last for about 3 years, after which the effect may fade. This is so because the microblading procedure only uses a tiny quantity of the pigment and a different set of tools.

The procedure requires an esthetician who uses a microblade tool to apply pigment to the brows. The color will fade after some time, so touch-ups are required to maintain the shade of the pigment. Microblading is intended to provide defined and natural-looking brows; however, it may take some time to achieve results.

Tips For Choosing a Microblading Pen

Many new microblading artists and even experts constantly face difficulty when choosing suitable microblading pens for their clients. There are various types of microblading pens available in the market; however, it is essential to know how they function to determine your choice.

Microblading treatments have become a massive sensation among beauty influencers and considering that each company is trying to gain a position at the fore, all kinds of microblading pens are being released into the industry to aid the movement.

Here are some tips to help you select the best microblading pen because visual tests are of little or no help.

–         The Right Thickness: It is vital to carefully study the thickness of the microblading pen because this determines the overall outcome of the brows. Thinner pens will help achieve strokes closer together than thicker microblading pens.

–         The Right Shade: The right shade of microblading pen is also a great tip to consider because each client has different needs, and the wrong shade can ruin the result.

–         The Flexibility: The flexibility of the microblading pen is also necessary because you can achieve excellent results in a shorter time with the perfect flexibility. However, this is tricky because many microblading beginners find it challenging to control flexible pens.


Microblading pens are an essential tool to the beauty industry, and as a microblading artist, it is crucial to purchase the right pen to achieve the best result. We have outlined various tips to consider to help you choose a microblading pen that will transform your brow’s beauty game.

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