Top Blotting Paper Beauty Hacks You Can Try

by Courtney

More than once, you may have encountered or been in a situation where you have applied makeup, but specific spots on your face are extra shiny. This is not something most people like, hence the use of makeup blotting paper. Conventionally, you would use a piece of tissue paper to dap off the extra oil from your skin. However, tissue leaves behind some white residue on your face. It may also rub off some of your makeup. This is where blotting paper comes in handy.To visit us to acquire natural blotting paper for various beauty hacks. This post looks at some beauty hacks you can achieve using makeup blotting paper.

Makeup blotting paper beauty hacks

Besides removing excess oil from the skin, you can use blotting paper for other beauty hacks. Below are some examples of beauty hacks for makeup blotting paper;

1. Blotting paper as hair degreaser or dry hair shampoo

You can use blotting paper as a hair degreaser or dry pair shampoo. All you need to do is massage a pinch of blotting paper into the roots of your hair. The paper will absorb all excess oil from your hair like a conventional degreaser. It will keep your hair fresh until your next shower. You can also dab the blotting paper on your scalp to absorb excess oils.

However, you must understand that blotting paper and actual hair degreaser do not work. It does not eliminate all the oils, dirt, and germs on your hair. Therefore, you should not use it as an alternative for dry shampoo or conventional hair degreaser.

2. Blotting paper as a makeup setter

You can also use blotting paper to set your makeup. The purpose is to help your makeup stay on longer. Here, what you do is apply your foundation, lipstick, blush, or any other creamy makeup product, then dab the area with a blotting sheet. The sheet will absorb all the excess oil from the makeup, giving it a matte finish and helping it last longer.

It is also worth mentioning that blotting paper absorbs oils and emollients from lipstick and creamy blush without tampering with the pigment. Therefore, you need not worry about the blotting paper affecting your makeup color, especially lipstick. Powdered blotting paper is especially perfect for a makeup setting.

3. Blotting paper as makeup de-smudger

One of the challenges women and fashionistas face when wearing makeup is dealing with constant smudges. From lipstick smudges resulting from giving out kisses or eating to foundation streaks, you can encounter numerous types of makeup smudges. You can use blotting paper to wipe away makeup lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and other makeup smudges. However, here, you will not use the blotting paper as you would for removing excess oil. This means that dabbing it on your skin may not remove the smudges. You will need to add some rubbing effort, depending on the intensity of the smear.


Besides the makeup hacks above, you can also use makeup blotting paper to clean your phone. It can come in handy for cleaning makeup smudges and other annoying oils and grease accumulated on your phone.  

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