Top 3 Best Vape Pod Systems

by Courtney
Vape Pod

A pod vape refers to a mini vape founded on a two-part system- one of the parts is a pod filled with vaping juice that usually snaps into a particular small battery. These products are typically available in various prefilled as well as refillable designs. Some have power buttons.

But in many cases, vape mods are automatic. This implies that you only need to take a drag on the product in order to make vapor. Vape mods are also referred to as mini vapes, pod mods, or pod systems. They were specifically designed for traditional smokers transitioning into electronic cigarettes. In this article, we are reviewing the top 3 best vape mod systems on the market. We also delve into the specifics of refillable and pre-refilled pod mods.

Refillable vs. prefilled mods- What Is The Difference?

You have learned that there are various types of vape mod systems. Every kind can quickly be sorted into two main categories, namely refillable, as well as prefilled. Each of these styles comes with advantages as well as disadvantages. When shopping around your local store for a vape pod system, it comes down to preference.  

Refillable vape mod systems– This vape mod provides its users with more freedom, particularly when it comes to flavor. It is also known as the open-system vape mode. The device is famous for utilizing an empty pod manually filled by the consumer. One added advantage of a vape mod system is that you have a broad range of flavors to choose from.

Prefilled vape mod systems– These are also known as closed vape mod systems. They are non-refillable vapes that make use of cartridges identified as pods. An e-liquid is also filled in the container. The main pro is not having the liberty of choosing a preferred e-liquid.  

Vape Pod

Vape pod systems are everywhere. It can be daunting to choose the right one. That is why we have tried to test about 50 systems in order to be better-placed to tell you what the top picks for our market are. We have also been fortunate enough to review pod mod vapes that we feel you would choose.

  • e-Puffer Xpod

The ePuffer Xpod looks great. It is also an ideal kit for consumers who would want to have the option of prefilled as well as empty refillable mod vape pods. The kit comes with three primary empty cartridges that you can easily use your juice with. On that note, we highly recommend nic salts. All you need to do is take a cartridge from the packaging and fill it with e-liquid. Drop it into a battery, and inhale-there you are, vaping! There is no need to press any buttons. This makes it one of the best vape mods on the market.

  • SMOK Nord

 SMOK Nord is a viable option for a vape mod. It has impressed several consumers in the industry. You can use it to keep off the traditional cigarettes. You can have two in rotation. The device has the usual qualities that make it one of the best pod vape systems on our list, such as the top build quality,  excellent battery life, and a quality hand feel. One impressive aspect of the Nord is that it has a variety of replaceable coils instead of purchasing a new pod. SMOK Nord is also easy to fill. Therefore, new vapers should not experience trouble using it.

  • Lost Vape Orion  

When it comes to design, the Lost Vape pod mod is our favorite. It also feels great in the user’s hand. Performance-wise, the vaping device sits near the pile. It is slightly pricey but affordable. It is also easy to use. This is the right product for individuals who aspire to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. You will be amazed to learn that this is also the first vape mod in the industry to incorporate a DNA chip that allows you to lock it perfectly.

Vape Pod

In Closing  

Pod mods are filled or prefilled with e-juice. They are compact and hand-held. Usually, the pods fit perfectly into a bay within the battery. Pods do not have buttons. They are also draw-activated. Because they come in a variety of designs in the industry, it is essential to know which one is the best to settle for. We have outlined the three best brands on the market.

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