Tips to Creating a Good Product Label

by Courtney
Product Label

Creating a product label is a huge responsibility. It is not just about creating something that is aesthetic or visually satisfying. There is also some depth involved as it involves how your consumers will react to it. Here is a list of tips that you should keep in mind when coming up with a product label. (more info from deepking label)

Research is important

Before you start sketching what you have in mind, it helps to do some research first. Write down who your target customers are and take note of their age, gender, education, income, values, and other traits that will affect their purchasing decisions. This information can lead you to the right design decisions. Aside from your target consumers, you should also research on your competitors. Find out what makes their design attractive and what makes their product click then decide how you can counteract it. This will help you avoid designing a label that is similar to your competition.


Is the product from a known brand that already has its logo? You can simply adopt the brand’s logo and play with the brand’s colors in coming up with a label. This way, the new product’s presentation is consistent with the rest of the products under the same brand. If you are working on a standalone product that is entirely new, then you will need to make more research and put a lot of thought into the design to ensure that it stands out from other brands.

What is the packaging material?

The material used can affect the design that you come up with. Some materials affect the colors. Bright orange in your original design may come out as a lighter shade when it is printed out for packaging. Knowing what packaging your client wants to use will allow you to work on the logo in a way that it will not undergo any change once it is being used in the packaging.

Product Label

Hierarchy is important to the layout

Labels are there mainly to give out information. This information is vital to consumers as it can contain the grading, ingredients, nutrition table, handling, warning, and the expiration of the product. Other vital information includes barcode and price. Of course, you should also place the company logo, the slogan of the company or product, and the product name too. How to fit everything in your label will challenge your layouting skills.

Colors attract consumers

When it comes to making labels, colors is the key as it is one of the first things that attract consumers. Take the time to come up with a color scheme that is right for your product. For instance, cleaning products often use shades of blue, white, and green as they remind people of cleanliness. Food products often use shades of orange, yellow, and red as these colors elicit a hungry mood. Beauty products often use shades of pink, purple, and pastels as it calls out to one’s feminine needs.

Use the right typography

A product label has a lot of text involved so it is important that you take some time in choosing the right typography as well. Different fonts entail different space requirements. If you want your product to truly stand out, you can do a custom hand lettering for the label instead of going with a pre-existing font.

Remember, an excellent label design can add a great boost to your product’s success. The majority of consumers make their purchasing decisions depending on the looks of a product’s packaging and label.

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