Top 3 Best Electronic Cigarettes For 2019

by Courtney
Electronic Cigarettes

There are hundreds of unique electronic cigarettes in the market. One of the best there is the SXmini Q model, which has a funny name, by the way. But you should not be fooled because it is a preferred brand by many e-cigs consumers in the industry. One of the significant drawbacks of one of the unique e-cigs is the fact that it’s slightly pricey as compared to others. Therefore, if you are still unsure of investing that much into electronic cigarettes, this should obviously be your last option in the list. We have created a list of the leading alternatives of unique e-cigs in every category. Here is a detailed breakdown of some of the best brands from pro-levels mods to disposables. Enjoy your vaping!

  • Tugboat V3

If you are looking for an ideal vape mod, then Tugboat V3 should be your perfect option. It is durable and a  perfect option for individuals seeking a mod with the big vapor production. The flawless mod has been in the industry for a couple of years. It continues to attract a huge following in the vaping market because of its impeccable quality.

Besides, Tugboat has a new series known as V3, which is exceptional as well. The manufacturers of the brand use copper as the primary raw material. As you may by now, copper maximizes conductivity. This will, in turn, provide you with a longer battery life.  

  • Kanger DripBox

Kanger Dripbox is a quality electronic cigarette with a mechanical mod. The Dripbox 160 has no fancy controls or anything appended to the mechanism of operation.  The original device has one battery with a few adjustable settings to facilitate the control of the device.

Just recently, Kanger Tech, the manufacturer of dripbox, launched a revolutionary version of the setup. The new device is known as the Kanger Dripbox TC Starter Kit. While we have highlighted some of the pricey vape mods in the industry, we also wanted to include this affordable electronic cigarette.

You are going to get an invaluable product at $80. Besides, the dripbox has a button for controlling the temperature of the device. The performance of this electronic device is impressive. However, we have lately realized that the battery continually needs some charge as there is often some noticeable drop in the output of the vapor. The result is associated with the upregulation of power, just like in a mechanical mod.   

  • JUUL

 JUUL does not have buttons or any switches. This makes it a flexible choice for emerging vapers. It also has a vaporizing feature that regulates temperature control. JUUL utilizes JUULpods with an e-liquid formulation, which has a combination of glycerol and nicotine, some of the most preferred flavors of an electronic cigarette.  

In Closing  

The best model of electronic cigarette for you is highly dependent on your needs. Thus, the casual social smoker is more satisfied with a rechargeable device because it would be more affordable. An ideal brand should also be accessible. We highly recommend that you test a couple of models before choosing a preferred one.

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