The best rookie guide for buying a power washer

by Courtney

The task of cleaning the home can be very strenuous especially when you have lots of kids or pets at home. With a pressure washer, your life is automatically made easier.

Pressure washers are also known as power washers. It is a machine that uses high pressure to remove dust, loose paint, mud, grime, and all sorts of dirt from the surface of an object. It is an ideal tool for cleaning the home because it is easier and cheaper.

Fortunately, many housekeepers are becoming more aware of this technology and therefore they are becoming more popular in the market. However, before you consider buying one for your home, there are a couple of things you should know.

You should know about the different types of pressure washers, their power ratings, and accessories. This information will enable you to make informed decisions during your next purchase

Types of Pressure Washers

1. Electric Pressure Washers

This type of Pressure washer is powered using electricity. It is suitable for washing backyard grills, pool area, vehicles, patio, and bikes.

The major advantage of electric pressure washers is portability, low-cost maintenance, and low weight. Also, the presence of various attachments helps to promote the efficiency of the machine.

All these notwithstanding, it still has some drawbacks. The most important drawback here is that the power cable of the machine limits the section you can wash with the machine. When using an electric pressure washer, you should use an extension cord.

2. Gas Pressure Washer

This type can be used anywhere even in places where there is no source of electricity. This is the main advantage Gas pressure washers have over Electric pressure washers.

Although most of them are heavy, they are built with wheels to make transportation easy. These pressure washers are often powerful and can clean a large area.

However, they are not quite popular amongst users because they are expensive to purchase, and the cost of maintenance is high as well. When the weather gets too cold, you will have to winterize it. This type of pressure washer is most ideal for heavy-duty jobs.

Power Ratings

PSI or pounds per square inch is the unit normally used to measure the water pressure of a pressure washer. For gas pressure washers, the power rating is 2000 to 2800 PSI while that of electric is 1300 to 1700 PSI.

Because Gas washers have a higher power rating, they wash grimy concrete surfaces better. They are also more effective in removing paint and tough stains.


Pressure washers come with different accessories to further make your cleaning fast and effective. Before buying any, ensure that the accessories attached to it are suitable for the purpose you want it to serve.

For instance, if you have an intention of cleaning your patio often, get one with a patio cleaner. With this attachment, you can easily wash your porch.


There are different types of pressure washers and the one you choose should depend on your needs. If what you need is a lightweight and low-cost maintenance Washer, then you should get an electric pressure washer.

The bad thing about an electric washer is that it covers only a small area. If you intend to work on larger areas then you might consider getting a gas pressure washer.

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