What teeth whitening system should you use?

by Courtney

A lot of people don’t grow up with those bright, glorious smiles they had as kids. Several factors may have caused it, from the foods and beverages we take to our smoking habits. Over the years, you’ve noticed that your smiles are not as they used to be. The right teeth whitening system can help.

Now, there are so many fake and non-durable products available, so people are skeptical when they want to buy these products. When choosing, ensure you look out for the right teeth whitening kit supplier. That way, you are sure of getting quality products.

Different products can be used to whiten teeth. Which is best for you?

Let’s find out.

How to choose the right teeth whitening system

1. Getting professional teeth whitening treatments

Do you want the fastest and most effective teeth whitening results? Get professional treatment at the dental center. This is because these centers have products that contain whitening agents in higher solution concentrations than ones bought in supermarkets or pharmacies.

Most times, the results are immediately visible most of the time. These dental offices may first examine you to find out if you’re good enough for teeth whitening processes or if they need to carry out some activities first, like treating cavities.

Although they can be quite expensive.

2. Custom whitening trays

What are they?

Custom whitening trays is a set of products that a dentist selects for you to be used at home on a schedule. The dentist will show you how to use the products to get the best results. After the treatment sessions, a close examination will be made.

These custom whitening trays are convenient because it’s done at home. However, some of the products included can cause tooth sensitivity and gum problems. So, you need to use them with caution.

3. Teeth whitening products

There are several teeth whitening products that can be bought over the counter. Before considering these products, you need to consult a doctor first to find out which is right for you.

Now, the great thing about these over-the-counter teeth whitening products is that you don’t have to change your habits or routine entirely. You can add them to your daily morning routine or use them on the go.

What are these products?

a. Whitening toothpaste/mouthwash:

This is, by far, the commonest teeth whitening product. This is because it’s readily accessible, available, and affordable. A whitening toothpaste can be used like regular toothpaste. Brush twice a day over some time, and you’re good to go.

How do they work?

They gradually remove stains and discoloration as you brush and rinse. Note that it’s not as concentrated as other options, so it may take a longer time.

b. Whitening strips

These products are made of thin strips of plastic filled with whitening gel on one side. You place it on the front surface of your teeth. Some people use two strips for the top and bottom.

c. Whitening pens

These are very affordable and portable thin brushes that are filled with bleaching gels. Apply the thin layer of gel to your teeth as though you’d apply nail polish.

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