Top Tips on How to Earn FIFA 21 Coins for PS4

by Courtney

So, you want to know how to earn FIFA 21 coins PS4, and you want to explore every possible way to do so. Well, the best advice you’re going to get on that matter is don’t listen to every advice you find, especially those that promise unlimited access to FUT coins. 

Instead, we offer a list of top tips on how to earn a bunch of FUT coins for PS4. They are easy to follow, and if applied successfully, they can be very rewarding.

Take Advantage of Coin Boosts

These are nice little bonuses that can be obtained from the catalog. Get all the possible credit balance, and coin boosts you can. Thanks to them, you can get anywhere between 200 and 1000 coins per match. Go with it, and you will be pleasantly surprised by what a difference that can make.

Take Part in as Many Squad Battles, and Division Matches as Possible

Those are the best modes that give the highest rewards, like packs and coins each week. Very often, they will reward you both coins and packs. You can play as much as 40 games per week. Those games will contribute to the stack of coins that will be accumulated on your account each week.

Earn Packs with Squad Building Challenges

Every new FIFA brings a new set of squad building challenges that can be very rewarding. Top coins are earned via weekly marque matches and league-based squad building challenges. 

In any case, one of the most important things to remember is not to sell players fast, even the most obscure ones for which you have no use at all. Give them some time as they can become very useful down the line. 

Another essential thing to take into consideration is popular online guides on SBC strategies. More than often, the players listed there will feature hiked prices, way higher than their real value because everyone on the market will want to have them in their squad. 

So, the idea is to go through the challenges by using the players in your club. If there is no other way but buying new players, don’t base your decision much on what you read in the popular online guides. 

Keep a Close Eye on SBC Requirements

Squad building challenges (SBCs) are not just great for obtaining packs, but they can also lead to many trading opportunities. Of course, that’s after you are done with your SBCs. 

Very often, a small number of players can only be used to complete some SBC puzzle. That for you reads as an opportunity as the value of those players will be through the roof. Once you get a hint of that, go through your roaster to see if you could meet that demand.

One such example is the Advanced SBC group and its 11-league, one nation hybrid. That can be quite challenging to complete, especially in the early FUT stages. During those early stages, players from common nations (Spain, Brazil, Argentina), but from somewhat unusual leagues, tend to be highly valued. That’s when you step in and make top trades for high profits.   

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