Pointers On Getting The Right Wig Length For You

by Courtney

There are so many wigs in the market that you get lost in entire collections if you are not keen. One of the things you need to remember about these wigs is, not everyone one of them will fit your face. Based on your shape and the effect you are going for, you might have to change the length you had in mind. If you are getting your wig from a wholesale human hair wigs shop, you will face many options. Here are a couple of things you can do to ensure that you choose the right wig length.

The three wig lengths

Before we talk about your face shape, let us look at the three wig lengths available. The first is the short wig length, and most new wig users prefer it. It is easy to maintain and does not trap a lot of heat in it. The next length is the medium wig length, and it is perfect if you want some length to the wig without it getting to your face a lot. The last length is the long wig length, and it gives off a luxurious feel to it. It is perfect if you want a wig that gets to your back, but it can get warm.

Picking the right wig for your face shape

The best way to pick a wig is to look at your face shape. There are a couple of face shapes, and here is how to pick the right wig for them.

1. Oval

The oval-shaped face is slightly narrow at the width and has a longer height. It looks great in almost all wigs. Since the face is proportional, all the lengths of wigs look great with this face shape.

2. Round

The round face shape looks almost proportional, with the length and width being almost the same. The person has chubby cheeks, so longer pixie cuts or layered wigs with different lengths of hair help with this face. You need to avoid flat bangs, a flax pixie, and non-voluminous curls.

3. Square

 The square face has a hard jawline with a wider hairline. Long layered hair with side bangs looks good on this type of face, as well as long waves and an A-line chin bob. Avoid pixie with flat bangs, a ponytail, or a jaw-length blunt bob if you have this face shape.

4. Heart

Heart faces are wider at the crow and thinner at the chin. A curly hairstyle with bangs, a curly side pony, and a medium hairstyle are the best for this face. Avoid voluminous pixies and blunt bangs.

5. Diamond

The diamond face is symmetrical with a wider midface. Angled pixies and layered bobs help this hairstyle bring out the features better. Avoid any up-dos as they make the lines on the face seem harsher.

6. Long

Long faces are sometimes mistaken for oval, but they have harsher jawlines. Working with voluminous curls with his hair helps one get the best effect for their hair. Avoid flat hairstyles as they make the jawline look harder.


Your face shape determines what you look like in your hair. Ensure you know what your shape is before you start buying wigs. It will make the whole process easier.

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