Choosing air cushion cc cream according to your skin

by Courtney

When stepping out, you need the face to look amazing and get maximum confidence walking around as you accomplish your objectives. That is why the makeup industry is ever-growing to enhance your look for every occasion. air cushion cc cream is among the best beauty products many people use to enhance the overall look. Have you ever tried at some point? Did the product meet your needs? Well, getting the perfect cream that will match the tone of your skin can be a bit tricky. Once in the beauty shop, you will see plenty of these products, and you will end up getting confused about the perfect one to select. That is why in this piece, we will help you choose the best beauty cushion cc cream based on your skin type.

Top Tips for choosing a perfect CC Cream

The first thing you do before buying your cream is to identify the tone of your skin. After this, getting a matching cream will be quite easy since it will give your face a uniform look. Depending on your skin type, as described below, be sure to pick a reliable product.

Best CC Cream shade that goes with a fair skin

Is your skin fair with cool undertones? Well, make sure you select the product named fair light or simply fair. The cc cream perfect for the skin that is fair has an undertone that is pink, and it will give your face a perfect glow. Should you have skin that has undertones that are neutral, go for a product with yellow or pink undertones. Again, should your skin have warm undertones, do away with products that are pinker. Instead, go for the yellow undertones.

Best cc cream shade for a skin that is light

In case you have a light skin tone that has undertones that are cool, consider the products named medium light or light, as they will blend perfectly with your face. However, in the case of light skin with warm undertones, go for yellow or light shade undertones.

Note: For warm undertones, never consider shades with pink since you will appear grey and have an awful look instead of looking incredible.

Best cc cream shade for Olive, medium and dark or skin

The products named medium tan, beige (medium), or simply medium work perfectly for medium skin tones with warm undertones. So, ensure you pick a product that has undertones that are yellow.

Pro tip: We have people with dry skin. In such scenarios, you must apply a good moisturizer first for nourishing and hydrating your skin before using cc cream. This will help your makeup look presentable.


Have you ever tried different makeup options only to turn out awkward? Well, maybe the mistake you made is failing to understand your skin’s tone first. Always identify your skin type before applying any makeup. However, if you always find it hard to match your skin type with perfect make up products, always ask professionals.

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