Top ways in which you can display your diamond painting

by Courtney
diamond painting

Diamond painting is a form of art that’s meant to be proudly displayed for people to see. You’ve probably taken your time and resources to create a beautiful piece, and you are not sure of the best ways to display your work. 

There is an array of options available to you, and it’s left to you to choose one that suits your demands. This article gives you useful insights as regards the best ways to display your diamond painting work. 

Glue your painting to a stretched canvas

This option is quite easy to actualize as the tools are not farfetched and relatively inexpensive. All you need to do is get a pre-stretched canvas of any size and glue your work. The fact that the method allows you not to stretch or staple your piece makes it even more exciting. Get a spray adhesive and apply it on the back of your piece; do the same for the stretched canvas. As soon as the glue starts to feel sticky, place the piece directly on the canvas. You might have to smoothen the piece after placing it to get rid of air bubbles. Your work should be quite ready for hanging when you leave it to dry for approximately 24 hours.

Place your painting on a foam board

This method is quite practical, and you might need to do some measurements to ensure accuracy. The process involves getting a foam board or cardboard and subsequently cutting it to your painting’s shape. However, the cardboard or foam board shouldn’t be cut to the exact measurement of the painting; there should be room for the borders. Once you have your foam board cut out, you can then proceed to stick the canvas on the board. A mild glue should suffice for this purpose, and it should be applied thoroughly. As soon as the canvas is dry, fold the border of the foam board behind the canvas and glue it in that direction. You could also get artistic with the borders by adding a variety of folding patterns of your choice.

Use a traditional photo frame

You’d do well to go with this option if you’re not the DIY type; it’s a straightforward method. It involves acquiring a photo frame that’s exactly the shape and size of your canvas while you fix the frame. Many stores sell photo frames as well as frames that are mainly designed for diamond painting. If you’re short on ample time to cut the frame open, some professionals can help with the framing of your canvas. However, having professionals handle the framing of your canvas could be a bit expensive. 

Final Thought

It’s not a nice feeling to have absolutely no idea on how to display your diamond painting. This article highlights variousĀ diamond painting display options that could prove useful to you. While some of the listed options are DIY, others require the help of professionals.

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