6 Things You Should Not Do When Wearing a Wig

by Courtney

Human hair wigs used to be accessories reserved for movie stars and celebrities in the past. Some brands targeted the elderly only. In the current era, wigs are a huge fashion statement and trend to follow. Teenagers and celebrities are indulging in this fashion movement. Besides, there is a need to experiment with the variety of looks people can get from the wig type. If you are thinking of joining the bandwagon, then it is essential to avoid the following mistakes.

  • Wearing the human hair wig at all times

A common wig mistake with many people is wearing the hair all the time. This is a strong temptation. However, wigs can be toxic to your hair because they trap the scalp and prevent oxygen access.

It is, therefore, essential to take it off after some time. You can as well wear it throughout the night. If you like to wear your wig at all times, it may be an ideal idea to invest in brands that allow the scalp to breathe.

  • Investing in the wrong size of wig

Naturally speaking, wigs are intricate. It is, therefore, easy to purchase the wrong size. You may not be able to gauge your wig size by yourself.

It is vital to get to a professional who retails wigs to offer assistance because the wrong wig size will not fit properly. This will damage your hair.

Small wigs have a way of causing hair breakage and loss. So if you avoid this, there is really nothing to worry about.

  • Do not skip the hair care day

When it comes to false hair, you definitely want them to look best. How do you care for your wig?

From getting the right shampoo to investing in a high-quality hair conditioner, it can be tempting to skip that hair wash day. But you shouldn’t.  Get that shampoo and conditioner for your beautiful wig.

  • Do not forget to take care of your hairline.

Many women neglect their hairline when they start to wear wigs. This should not be the case if armed with the right hair care tips.

You should stock caps to protect your hair under the wig. And to prevent damage to the edges, you need to slide that stocking cap right behind the ear.  

  • Wearing the wig right away straight from its package

As you may know, it can be really tempting to wear the wig straight from the box. This is not good for your hair and scalp. Wigs can be tangled up and out of shape during transit.

This implies that they can look weird if worn straight out of their box. Care to brush it immediately, it arrives.

  • Using intense heat

Good wigs are manufactured using human hair. Because heat can damage hair, it may also damage your human hair wig.

Ideally, you need to order a wig with your preferred hair texture.

In case you should straighten the hair regularly, then it would be crucial to invest in proper heat -protection hair care products like spray.

Final Thoughts

If you take note of the points highlighted in this blog post, there is definitely you should worry about when it comes to maintaining the new healthy look of your human hair wig.

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