Human Hair Wig Varieties Available for Styling

by Courtney

Human hair wigs consist of different kinds of hair sourced from people of various origins across the world. They have excellent quality hence very popular among wig lovers. The hair market has a vast selection of human hair wigs; some long, short, curly, wavy, straight, or colored like the blonde lace front wig human hair. These wigs are stylish and give you natural hair a break from the daily exposure. In this post, we focus on the different human hair types available.

Various Kinds of Human Hair Wigs in the Hair Market

Human hair wigs have unique characteristics that set them apart from synthetic wigs. Their natural appearance attracts you most, plus the ease of maintenance and ability to style. The five types include;

1. Lace front wigs

Such wigs have lace attached only at the front, from ear to ear. Manufacturers mostly make the lace sheer, making it less noticeable. Sometimes the lace may be too light for your skin color. You can customize it by applying products to darken it and mimic your scalp. Lace front wigs provide you with a fuller hairline considering it has multiple holes, each with a strand of hair that combines to form a beautiful hairline. Parting is done at the front section only, and you must be careful not to expose the back of the hair while holding it up. When styling, you are limited to a half bun or ponytail or let the hair flow freely at the back.

2. Full lace wigs

Full meaning the entire wig base is made from lace. A 360 lace covering allows you to part and style the hair whichever way you want. The lace used is designed to stretch and accommodate every individual despite their head size.

3. U-Part wigs

These wigs function like extensions as they add length and volume to your natural hair. The wig is attached to your head at a particular point then you use your existing hair to cover the installation. Since U part wigs must have a texture similar to your real hair, hiding the tracks disguises the entire hair as yours. They offer great styling versatility since you can straighten, curl or color them to your preferred taste

4. Human hair half wigs

Half wigs cover the bottom section of your head only. After installation, the stylist uses your natural hair to cover the starting point. They work well for those with an existing full and healthy hairline.

5. Human hair Monofilament

Its made of two main materials; mesh blend and nylon. Most wigs come with a black wig cap, but this kind has an almost transparent cap. Customization or use of foundation is not necessary as your scalp color can easily be seen.


Human hair wigs are the best in the market and come with numerous benefits. The five wig types cater to every woman interested in buying a human hair wig. Their quality is great and can be customized based on your needs. However, they come at a high cost compared to other wigs though they are long-lasting and save you more money.

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