Six Different Wigs In The Market Your can Purchase

by Courtney

Buying a wig is not a walk in the park. You need to decide whether you want a custom or ready-made wig. Ready-made wigs are available in stock. There is a wide range of wigs in the market, making it hard to choose the perfect ginger wig. They are mostly synthetic and pre-styled. However, they are slightly customizable as a professional can adjust the unit on your head at an increased cost. Since these units are a one-size fit, they seem less realistic and may not look good on everyone. However, they are affordable than other options.

Types of Wigs

There are six wig types: polyurethane, mesh, combo, lace front, and French-drawn wigs. Depending on your needs, you can also select from various wigs, including full, partial, and hairpieces. Read through this article to know the wig type that you will buy.

1. Custom Wigs

Custom wigs have been specifically designed for a customer. They are manufactured from light materials, hence offer you comfort. Since they are tailor-made, the manufacturer focuses more on the wig’s front hairline. Consequently, the hairline is made to look as natural as possible with your hair; thus, people cannot notice the wig.

2. Polyurethane Wigs

Polyurethane often referred to as poly, are thin wigs with pigments. Therefore, they can blend in match your skin tone. Since their material is skin-like, it makes it easier to use tapes and adhesives. Additionally, it makes the wig last longer. However, these units are not as comfortable as mesh wigs. They tend to become hot because they lack a breathable base. Reports say that some wearers complained of a floating sensation that made the wig look unnatural.

3. Mesh Units

Mesh units include full lace and monofilament wigs. The full-lace category consists of Swiss lace, hand-made, and glass-silk units, while the monofilament group comprises hand-tied units that are single or double. Full lace wigs have urethane strips for adhesives to attach, and they are delicate. The Monofilament unit’s material is made of fine lace, which may be nylon or polyester mesh. These wigs are uniquely constructed, making them an excellent option for a sensitive scalp. In addition, it blends with your scalp’s color when worn since each hair strand is hand-tied to the base. Due to the time-consuming process of making the wig gives you a natural look and blends seamlessly with your hair.

4. Combinations (Comb)

Some monofilament wigs may be a combination where the top is hand-tied while machines make the back and sides. The wig type allows you to enjoy the benefits of a hand-tied mesh wig at a reasonable cost.

5. Lace front

Lace front wigs have a simple construction. Only the front portion has a lace to create a hairline that looks natural. The rest of the wig has a thicker cap base, and at times they may have clips to secure it on hair or other caps.

6. French drawn wigs

These units have a three-layer construction; two glass-silk layers and a Swiss lace layer. The two glass-silk layers sandwich the Swiss lace layer. The glass-silk layers make you comfortable in the wig, and the layered construction hides the knots.


With the numerous wig types to choose from, you need to know which ones will give you a more natural appearance. Note, your fashion style, work type, or location to attend can all help you pick the wig type to purchase at a particular time.

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