5 Popular Types Of Braided Wigs In The Market

by Courtney

Wigs have recently become a significant part of women’s lives and styles. There are several types of wigs in the markets, like human hair wigs and braided wigs. Braided wigs are trendy among black women. You can find braided wigs for black women from online and offline stores. Before purchasing your braided wig, you should first consider the various braided wig types.

Types of braided wigs for black women

The market is packed with several braided wig options. Below are the most popular types;

1. Box braided wigs

Box braids feature signature squared-off divisions. Box braids are the most common style of braiding among black women. Therefore, it makes sense that box braided wigs are popular too. These braided wigs are incredibly stylish, they allow you to try out various styling options, and they are easy to maintain.

2. Bob braided wigs

Most of the time, when you think of braided wigs, you picture long braids. However, there is also the option of box braided wigs. Bob braided wigs are a shorter option. They are easy to pull off, and they offer a spunkier look. The downside to bob-braided wigs is that there are limited styling options.

3. Long braided wigs

These are the most popular style of braided wigs. They feature various lengths ranging from 20-40 inches, depending on the brand and type. The benefit of these wigs is that you can style them in multiple ways.

4. Curly braided wigs

Curly braided wigs are not very different from their counterparts on this list. The primary difference is that the braids are curled, which gives the braided wig a little flair. They also add movement and texture to the braided wigs.

5. Lace front braided wigs

When choosing the best type of wig, your first option should always be lace front braided wigs. Lace front braided wigs are popular because they allow you to style your braided wig in multiple ways. This is because the lace front gives the illusion that the hair on the wig is growing out of your head. Therefore, anyone without wig knowledge may assume that the braids are made from your hair or extensions. The downside to lace front braided wigs is that they are often more expensive than their counterparts because of their realistic look.

Other categories

Braided wigs can also be categorized depending on the following elements;

  • Type of hair– this element can be used to make the wig can be used to classify. The most common types of hair for wigs are synthetic and human hair wigs. Human hair wigs can be classified further into subtypes like Brazilian and Peruvian hair.
  • Color– the braided wigs can also feature a wide range of colors. Human hair braided wigs allow you to dye them according to your choice.

Final word

Determining the type of braided wig you need is the first step of choosing the best product to purchase. However, you can also opt to get one of each type. Having a variety is always an ideal option because you can pull off different looks frequently. With proper maintenance, your braided wigs can serve you for years.

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