Popular chains for personalised necklaces

by Courtney

Personalised necklaces are trendy types of jewelry. People prefer this type over regular ones because they are more personal hence the perfect kind of gift. They are easy to acquire from jewelry stores like Ineffabless. When choosing the best-personalised necklace, you may also need to select the best type of chain. In this write-up, we discuss types of chains for personalised necklaces.

Chains for personalised necklaces

The best thing about personalised necklaces is that you select all the features you want on the necklace. Such features include the type of chain on the necklace. Below are some of the main types of chains that you can choose.

  • Puffed marine chain

This chain is made up of interlocking ovals and bars across the center of each oval. These features make it one of the most distinct and intriguing types of necklace chains in the market. The nautical world inspires the design. It is known as a marine chain because it is similar to the chains used to connect anchors at sea. This type of string would be the best for your personalised necklace because it is very sturdy hence long-lasting.

  • Cable chains

This type of chain is among the most common ones in the market. The reason for its popularity is the fact that it has been used for centuries for different functions. Some of these functions include anchoring ships and making jewelry. Cable chains are made up of a series of identical oval links. The links are connected to form a functional chain. The interconnection is quite attractive, and the wires can either be textured or flattened. They also go well with pendants hence the best choice for personalised necklaces.

  • Bead chain

This type of chain is made up of a series of small beads. The beads are linked together to form a chain. They can either be linked very close together or feature small spaces in between. The spaces allow for movement. This is the best type of chain for a personalised necklace, especially if you like that street look. Bead chains are also the best kind for personalised necklaces because they pair well with pendants, and they are strong hence very durable.

  • Figaro chain

This is also a prevalent type of necklace chain. It is a fancier version of the cable chain, and it comprises an alternating pattern of flattened links.

The links feature different sizes. Typically, the design features a single long link followed by either two or three short ones. Both men and women can wear this type of chain. It is robust because it is manufactured using thick wires. It is also among the most effortless to fix in case of breakage. The Figaro chain originates in Italy, hence its name.


In addition to choosing the best type of chain, you may also need to select the type of pendant you want on the necklace. You can choose between an image pendant and one with writings. You also have to decide what you want to be written on it.

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