Factors To Consider While Packaging Your Product

by Courtney
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A lot of new businesses make the major mistake of putting all their time into the product itself and ignoring the packaging of the product. In real life, the proper packaging techniques can play a major role in getting your product discovered and on the shelves of retailers, until it finally ends up in a customer’s home. It is always advisable to spend your money and time in coming up with proper packaging that attracts customers’ attention. A good salesperson knows that you also need to consider the environment, transportation, and storage for a product to catch the eye of a retail buyer. For excellent custom packaging solutions, you can check out deepking. Let’s discuss the factors to consider while packaging your product.

Problems associated with e-commerce packaging

  • Wastefulness

All e-commerce packagers wish to minimize the impact of wastefulness by utilizing minimal packaging materials and reusable packaging.

  • Return optimization

The ROI in a small e-commerce environment is a challenge compared to regular brick and retail mortar providers.

  • Maintaining shelf presence

Packaging providers need to be able to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to branding and graphics. The unboxing experience needs to be unforgettable for a client to want to repurchase the product.

Many companies are already adopting recyclable packaging, as compared to the take-and-dispose style of packaging. For a little extra cash, customers now have the option of returning an empty packaging container and receiving a new one with the product inside.

Factors to consider when packaging your product

  • The company needs to spend its money and time in getting the packaging right. The final product should be capable of catching the attention of a customer through the intelligent use of color and design.
  • Packaging designs should be lightweight and the right shape. This ensures that the customer will have an easy time moving the product about without it occupying too much space on the customer’s shelf.
  • Companies should compactly package their products, to maximize appeal while also lessening the transport costs and storage requirements. The company can hire a professional packaging company such as deepking to handle professional design and packaging based on your budget.
  • Your choice of packaging material also plays a critical role in boosting your chances of success with discerning customers. The durability, environment of use, cost, and functionality of a packaging material need to be taken into account before you use the material on your product.
  • As a packager, you should also take shelf-life into account. Compared to plastic, glass is capable of lasting two years or more. Plastic can only go for six months. This means that whatever you place inside plastic bottles should not be required to remain fresh for longer than six months. One disadvantage is that glass, although more secure than plastic, is also more expensive as a packaging material.


The choice of packaging material is very important in enhancing the success of your product line. Consider the cost, intended environment, and transportation factors when picking packaging material for your product.

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