Everything you should know about False Nails

by Courtney

As a lady, attractive nails are one of those things that add an extra flair to your look. What if nature does not hand you those healthy and long almond-shaped nails? You do not need to worry much anymore as false nails have got you covered. However, your false nails and actual nails need to be cared for to look attractive. Here is a guide on things to note while wearing those false nails.

Things To Know Before, While, and After Getting Your Nails Done

Getting your nails done is much more work than it seems. Before fixing your nails, here are some things you should do:

  1. Prep work goes a long way: Before getting your nails done, you need to ensure your nails are in good condition. Your nails must be in optimal health as brittle and weak nails cannot handle acrylics. Remember, you must remove your nail cuticles before getting your nails done, else your false nails will not last.
  2. Research beforehand: You need to check your salon menu before booking an appointment as salons usually do not provide every type of false nails.
  3. Inspect the Instruments: Unsterilized instruments might lead to nasty infections rather than those perfectly manicured nails. Of course, this would make your nails look unattractive in place of desired results.

While getting your nails done, you should:

  • Select a suitable length and color: Here is the best part of your manicure. You get to have fun while picking exciting colors and shapes. All of this is up to you. Deciding on getting long nails might be a temptation. However, getting long nails on your first try is not such a great idea. Short nails are a great way to start your false nail journey.

After getting your nails done, here are some of the things you should do:

  1. Protect your nails: Now your nails have that new look, you must ensure they do not become unattractive due to your daily routine. Therefore, whenever you’re dealing with chemicals, especially bleaches, you must have gloves on.
  2. 2. Constantly moisturize: If you do not want your false nails to have a dry look, you need to apply nail cuticle oils. Cuticle oils keep your nails especially strong and the surrounding skin healthy-looking.

 To avoid getting your nails damaged, you should remove your false nails with care. Rather than the customary use of drills and files, soaking each nail in acetone for a minimum of 30 minutes and gently filling each acrylic off is the best way to undo your false nails. This way, you sustain very minimal damage to your nails.

Wrapping up

Well-manicured nails do not come about on their own. Your false nails require dedication before and after installment, and this article has provided a list of things to do while dealing with false nails. Note that you do not necessarily need a nail technician to install your false nails. You could get your very own Faux ongles kit and conveniently install your false nails from the comfort of your home.

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