Why velvet lipstick is a better choice

by Courtney

According to many reputable makeup artists, Velvet lipstick has become one of the indispensable items in a makeup routine. It has become so popular that it is almost impossible to see a makeup kit without a Velvet lipstick.

Why Velvet lipstick is considered fashionable

1- It is classy and natural

Even the fashion industry has come to appreciate the essence of this lipstick because it is naturally classy. With velvet lipstick, you don’t have to try so hard.

It blends well with every skin type and tone, something that is quite difficult to achieve with a glossy lipstick. All that is required of you is selecting the perfect shade for your skin tone.

Additionally, you can obtain different kinds of looks with different shades of velvet lipstick. If you desire a sweet and innocent look, the light brown color gives you just that. Alternatively, you can attain bold and daring looks using red shades.

2- It boosts your confidence

For a lady, just being beautiful is not enough. Every beauty has to be complemented with strength and confidence. This is what velvet lipstick does for you, it adds glamour and confidence to your beauty. When you are satisfied and comfortable with your appearance, it’s only natural that you will be confident in your every step.

3- It is smudge-free

This means that it remains in its place when applied. It does not litter on your face or interfere with other makeup. Other types of lipstick may soil your face, your glass, or your cutleries while you eat but this does not happen with velvet lipstick.

Additionally, it can serve as a balm to keep your lips soft and moistened. It helps to keep your lips pink. Recently, some velvet lipsticks are now being made with a sunscreen effect. This special effect prevents lips cracking and other harmful effects of the sun.

4- Ideal for every season

It is suitable for every season all year round. In summer when the sun is high and hot, you might need to worry about your makeup if you are putting on glossy lipsticks. This is because it tends to melt under the heat of the sun but this is not so with velvet lipstick.

A velvet lipstick will keep your lips dry and comfortable even while you sweat. Also it will look perfect on every summer dress.

5- You are in control

Velvet lipsticks give you more control than a creamy or glossy lipstick would. You can put on a different appearance with one particular shade. The most interesting thing about this lipstick is that it gives your lips the replica of what is on the cover.

If you try applying more than two layers of glossy lipstick, you will end up with a disaster. But no matter how much you apply a velvet matte, you still get a great result.


The velvet lipstick has grown popular amongst women of various ages and occupations. It adds any kind of beauty to your looks and leaves you just where you need to be.

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