Selecting The Best Bathtub Design In 2020

by Courtney

Bathtubs come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs and your bathroom size. The design of a bathtub is also determined by the material used in manufacturing the tub. Materials such as cast iron are highly inflexible. Therefore, cast iron doesn’t give unique designs of bathtubs in Sydney like acrylic, wood, or fiberglass. The following are some of the commonest bathtub designs available in the market today:

  • Walk-in bathtubs: This design comes with a watertight door that allows you to walk into the tub, close the door, take a bath, and then walk out after draining the water. Walk-in tubs can be configured to meet your taste, preference, and needs. The design is compact, which leaves you with a lot of space to work within the bathroom.

You will also enjoy greater water depth and flexibility when using. It can be accessed by individuals with disabilities, especially those who are wheelchair-bound. However, if you settle for this design, you’ll have to contend with a longer fill-up time. You will have to start filling the tub several minutes before the actual bath time.

  • Corner tubs: This five-sided tub fits nicely at the corner of the bathroom. The design usually comes in large sizes and can take up a lot of space in the bathroom. However, the big size translates to an enjoyable time in the tub, and it can accommodate two people.

Corner tubs can come with trendy and elegant finishes, which add to the beauty of your bathroom. However, for the best bathing experience, consider opening the tub several minutes before bathing time because the tub takes time to fill up. This tub design is not ideal for individuals with movement disabilities.

  • Alcove tubs: Ideal for three-walled spaces, alcove tubs usually come in small sizes, making them ideal for single-person use. When you want to bathe, you step over the edges and enter the tub. The simple design is easy to work with and affordable.
  • Free-standing tubs: Suitable for large enclosures, free-standing tubs don’t lean on any wall and are usually located at the center of the space. This design comes with an antiquity touch and a sophistication that accentuate the beauty of your bathroom. You also benefit from great freedom when using this tub. You can leave or enter the tub from any direction.

However, when you settle on this design, be ready to shell out a few extra dollars due to its uniqueness and beauty. Another downside to this design is the exposure of the plumbing. You’ll have to contend with exposed plumbing because the tub will stand freely away from the walls. 


The design of a bathtub can readily turn your bathroom into a showroom where you can bathe and unwind. A bathtub can be a work of art with the right design, thereby adding to the aesthetical and financial value of your home. The choice of a bathtub to install in your bathroom is dependent on your space, budget, taste, and preference.

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