Mermaid Hair!

by Courtney

I dyed my hair last night thinking I wanted a change, and a change it is. I now have deep red hair and am officially a redhead. Red has always been a colour I have steered away from and generally disliked, but all of a sudden I love and and feel like it’s my colour. I feel like it matches my skin tone and features and really brings out my eyes, why the crap didn’t I try this shade before? My mum said my hair was an aubergine colour and that’s exactly right.

I did a DIY box job myself at home and used the shade ‘deep red’ by Garnier Nutrisse, see my twit-pic HERE to see the box. It was a mousse hair dye that delivered completely even results, I applied the whole thing to my hair combing through each section and left to develop for 30mins. My hair previously was a dark brown with a faded blonde ombre. With some hair dyes, I get lighter results on the roots of my hair due to its natural colour and darker towards the tips, but that thankfully didn’t happen. I got 100% coverage and even colour! 

In the shade my hair looks almost black, a quite dark reddish brown but as soon as the light hits it the vividness and red tones shines through, it’s not too dramatic which I love as I don’t feel like I could have pulled it off comfortably.

I love how the red contrasts with my hazel eyes and makes them ‘pop’ so to speak, I feel like rich plum, coffee browns and golds will look amazing with this new hair colour. I actually can’t wait to try some new looks! I’m actually a little obsessed with deep red right now… uh oh!

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