Top Types of Fanny Packs on the Market

by Courtney

Fanny packs have been widely used for several years now. In fact, they have been a trend and common with fashionable girls you meet in the street. In the recent past, they have lost their popularity, and they are rare to find. You may have also seen them worn by athletes. Now, they are making a re-entry into the market and continue to gain traction. You can buy now at discounted prices online. They even have a higher demand than in the past. With celebs wearing them around, you can now discover their practicality. These are the different types of fanny packs you will find.

Hip Carry

One of the ways to carry your fanny pack is by wearing it on the hip, hence their name. You will find these fanny packs easier to wear, and you can easily access your belongings. In fact, this is probably the safest means of wearing the favorite accessories.

Athlete Fanny Pack

In this era, you know the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Thus, there is a need to be productive and active. That explains why you need a fanny pack for exercising. You will use the fanny pack to keep your keys, wallet, and phone as you enjoy the morning workout.

Shoulder Fanny Packs

These types of fanny packs are designed for those that need to create a fashion statement. It helps you keep the hands free and stash your possessions in the favorite fanny pack and then swing it to the shoulder. You will find many celebrities wearing this type of fanny pack as it can match with most outfits.


You have probably heard about holographic fanny packs and their overall style. From bags to sneakers and even nail painting, holographic style is quite popular. Thus, manufacturers have not left fanny packs behind. You can get on the bandwagon and get yourself a holographic fanny pack. You can wear this around the waist over the summer dress or your casual tee.

Funny Fanny Packs

This is designed for those people who want to show off their style. The fanny packs are suitable to be worn even on a casual day and can accentuate your personality.

When purchasing a fanny pack, you want to ensure you get the right type for you. No matter the style you have chosen, you will find them to be a great accessory for your lifestyle. For instance, you can use it instead of carrying a large backpack. With the right fanny pack, you can meet the strict regulations at sporting events, music festivals, and concerts. It will make you look great and functional.

So, how do you get the right fanny pack for your needs? With several of them to consider, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions and consider several things. For instance, do you want something large or small? What will you use it for? Remember that you can use your fanny pack to carry keys, wallet, phone, sunglasses, and more. Some of the important things to look at include multiple pockets and compartments. All these are meant to increase storage whilst remaining compact.

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