How to choose the right canvas prints

by Courtney

Canvas prints are extremely fine pieces and they serve various functions. It can be used to decorate interiors and goes perfectly when used with stock images. The best part? The photos to be used with these prints can be customized. They serve all sorts of purposes, and that’s very impressive.

If you want canvas prints, you have to decide whether you should buy one or create custom canvas prints. If you want to buy, you have to know what is at stake before going to purchase canvas prints, especially if you’ve never purchased one before. If you buy a substandard product, you won’t fully enjoy the benefits.

So, in this article, we’ll be looking at top factors to consider when purchasing canvas prints. Shall we?

Factors to consider when purchasing canvas prints

1. Quality of the image

This is one of the most important factors when buying canvas prints, if not the most important. If the image quality isn’t the best, you won’t enjoy the benefits that come with canvas prints. Quality images always appear shiny and glossy in canvas prints, but poor quality images look very untidy and unprofessional.

Now, you may be wondering, how can you detect the image quality? By its resolution. The greater the resolution, the better the canvas prints will turn out. If you use a camera to take photos, ensure that you set it at the highest resolution possible. If you want to use pictures from Instagram or Facebook, be ready to buy small canvas prints.

2. Subject theme

Every photo has a theme. The theme is what the picture highlights more than others. Now, before going deeper, you must understand that all images aren’t the same. You can’t print every image. The image quality will determine whether it’s good for canvas prints or not.

When choosing a picture, the subject theme has to be clear and in focus. This is why most people use professional photos or high-quality photos with clear subject themes.

3. Frame

Most canvas prints come with frames. The issue is a lot of people spend more time choosing pictures than frames. When the canvas prints are made, it looks so beautiful but they don’t last because the frames are substandard. This is wrong.

You should take your time to think about the frame before purchasing because it determines how long the prints will last for you. The difference between a good and bad frame is that a good frame enables the prints to stretch, but prints find it very difficult to stretch with bad prints. So, choose wisely. Choose a frame that won’t come apart after a few weeks.

4. Finishing touches

Why would you buy canvas prints with poor finishing touches no matter how beautiful it is?

You have to note the quality of the finishing before purchasing it, and it’s not that difficult to note. First, look at the corners. Check if they are poorly folded or lumpy. You shouldn’t see folds on any sides. They should be neat, tidy, well-folded, and come with minimal bulk. The stretching should be very tight, and the staples should be inserted properly as well.

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