6 Different Types Of Trendy Hair Wigs In The Market

by Courtney

The hair wigs companies are always inventing different types of hair wigs every day. With each new invention, its popularity grows. Also, you can find many suppliers online selling quality trendy wigs at affordable prices, thus getting you spoilt of choice. Among the most popular wigs currently trending in the market is human hair wigs. In addition, the trendy hair wig brings about a new fresh look. Therefore, if you wish to learn of the current trendy hair wigs, below are six types.

Six trendy hair wigs in the market

1. Straight lace front wigs with baby hair

The baby hairstyle is very trendy. Also, most hair wigs have a way of making the baby hair look almost natural. Furthermore, the long straight wig is always in fashion. Most people, especially working professionals, prefer the long straight hairstyle because it offers a delicate appearance that makes them look easily approachable. Furthermore, the straight lace front wig with baby hair also provides the wearers with a realistic look.

2. Curly human hair lace front wigs

The curly hair wigs never go offseason. They are chick and slick and allow the wearer to have a timeless appearance to them. Also, the human hair quality is very trendy as with proper maintenance; the hair wig can last longer. Furthermore, the curly style in the human hair wig can be easily attained using a curling iron or plastic curlers. The easy maintenance of curly human hair lace front wigs makes them very trendy.

3. Straight hair short bob wig

The straight hair short bob wig is trendy, especially among celebrities. Furthermore, its popularity has grown due to more celebrities wearing it. The straight hair short bob wig offers the wearers a smart appearance. It exists in 4*4, 5*5, 13*4, and 13*6 lace bob wigs. Therefore, the different sizes of short hair bob wigs ensure that you can choose whatever size you select best and one that goes well with your face shape.

4. Highlighted transparent lace human hair wigs

The highlighted transparent lace human wig is currently the most popular hair wig color available. The transparent lace allows for the hair wig to have a more natural look. As the lace can be unnoticeable, therefore, offers a perceived impression of the scalp. The highlighted transparent lace human hair wig is suitable for weddings, appointments, parties, and so many others.

5. Glueless hair wigs

The glueless hair wigs are also very trendy, especially for people experiencing hair loss. It is also trendy among people who are allergic to glue. The glueless hair wigs are easy to maintaining and allows removable. Therefore, when one goes to sleep, they can easily remove the wig and wear them when they wake up.

6. Pick, grey, blue, purple, and ombre brown hair wigs

Some people prefer already colored wigs other than dying on their own. The colored hair wigs are very trendy, especially among the youth, as they afford a chick look.


Hair wigs popularity has been growing tremendously in recent years. The growing trend is usually set by what hair most celebrities wear. Furthermore, the hair wigs trend always changes even though some like curly and straight hair are always in fashion. Therefore, the above hair wigs are those that are currently trending.

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